Formula Renault 3.5 drivers Marco Sørensen and Jazeman Jaafar were involved in a big shunt at the Monza race today, sending Jaafar in reverse, but sending Sørensen flying through the air, upside down, the top of his car scraping against the asphalt. And amazingly, both drivers walked away.

The two men made the slightest of wheel contact, but when a tire is spinning at extremely high speeds it has the tendency to be able to flip something up and over. The something, in this case, was Marco Sørensen. Sørensen looks like he slid down the better half of the pit wall, the whole time with his head just inches from the track. It's a nightmare scenario that no driver wants to be in.


This is the kind of crash that would've at least killed Sørensen, if not seriously injured both drivers, just a few decades ago. It's fantastic how far crash safety technology has come.

The incident is under investigation by the race stewards, according to

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