If You Hit A Person In An LA Car Show, Your Car Is Getting Trashed

Here we see a Toyota Camry hit a lady crossing the street in the middle of the Crenshaw Takeover sideshow last Saturday night. It's not long before a crowd of people smash in the Camry's windshield, and things go downhill from there.


First we see the Camry hit a woman crossing the street, knocking her to the ground. A few people mob the car, running up the hood, and smashing in the windshield. As more people cluster around the car, the Toyota driver takes off, only to smash into another car in the intersection.

There are two morals to this story:

  • Don't hit people with your car. We would suggest you try looking where you're going.
  • If you see someone else get hit by a car, don't smash up the offending car. It never ends well. Help the injured person instead.

Basically, everyone in this video was an idiot on all sides. Don't be this stupid.



The driver didn't deserve this. Best part about conceal and carry is being able to put a stop to things like this... (and hopefully not get killed in the process)