Dragoning is not the sole domain of Audi R8’s. Recent photographs of a much earlier product of the Volkswagen Group shed light on the high potential of Type 2 Transporters in attracting mythical reptilians.

As you can see, the surroundings of the dragon are highly unusual. The inside of the Microbus is wallpapered with old maps, carpeted with old rugs, and surrounding the dragon is a life buoy.


Closeup of the dragon’s head reveals fine, colorful detail, with whiskers shaped like electrical wiring. It is a menacing beast.

The Microbus itself is a nice example of a second generation Type 2, produced between 1967 and 1979 in the United States and Europe—and ever since in Brazil.


Location may give away the purpose of the dragon. The Microbus was parked on Lovas út in Budapest—rising immediately to its right is the Buda Castle, the 750-year-old HQ of Hungarian royalty.