The Dodge Challenger Demon Might Only Be Available With An Automatic

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The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is is supposed to be the ultimate drag race dominating monster. Its automatic will allow lightning-quick launches without using the brake, but Dodge’s latest announcement makes no mention of a manual.


In today’s teaser video, Lock and Load” (sigh), Dodge introduces something called TransBrake, a feature that they say was only available on track only drag cars.

Normally if you want to launch from a start with an automatic, you stand on the brake with one foot, bring the engine to the desired RPM with the other foot, release the brake and you are off. However, unless you are a professional, this two-foot technique can mean inconsistent launches and risks doing some damage to your components.

With TransBrake, the driver uses the steering wheel shift paddles to initiate a launch. Dodge claims that this results in a 30 percent reaction time advantage over the two-foot approach. The TransBrake feature also locks the output shaft of the transmission to accomplish the following:

  • Brake-free launches up to 2,350 RPM
  • 105 percent increase in launch boost pressures
  • 120 percent increase engine launch torque

The Demon also has the ability to use what Dodge calls a driveline pre-load process that can deliver full torque delivery to the rear tires 150 milliseconds after the paddles are released. Dodge says that the TransBrake technology combined with the narrower front wheels translates to 40 percent more launch torque compared to using the two-footed method.

Now it should be mentioned that this entire release was solely dedicated to how the automatic transmission will work with all these components to give the driver the most optimal drag launches possible, but there was no mention of how these things could be applied with a clutch pedal. Therefore, it is possible Dodge only invested in making the Demon a two-pedal car.


Regardless of the transmission, it basically it all comes down to this: if plan on launching the Demon, you should probably have a change of pants.

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You know what the next article will be right?

Demon has “Drag” mode. You pull up to the stage, press the “drag” button, the car locks the brakes, sets the fancy rev mode and waits. When the forward camera detects the green lights of the tree, it launches and maintains the proper engine output and gear for the conditions and tires to maximize the run. The driver just needs to steer and disengage the computer at the end of the run by pressing the brake.

Oh that sounds like so much fun.... (<- that’s sarcasm there)

Maybe it will also come with an EMP to zap the Tesla in the next lane as it pulls ahead.

Sorry, the more I hear, the less I care about this car.