The old disappearing doors Lincoln concept car, a sensation that swept the nation (or at least the internet) back in July, 2007 (a sensation we started right here at Jalopnik) is now up for sale again on eBay.

So for any of you kiddies looking for a Black Friday steal and deal, snap up the 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII Prototype Concept Car with doors that disappear under the car. Be wary however, as this concept car seems to head back to eBay every six months or so. Probably because nobody can figure out how to get that pesky driver's side door to work right. Get it now while you still can because the auction on this one-of-a-kind rarity of a minor internet meme ends at 10:00 PM EST Sunday night. Look at it this way, it's like owning Rick Astley at the start of his second career as a rick-roller. [via eBay]