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We were just IM'ing with Scotto and got to listening to an old song by Jawbreaker that we used to cover when jamming with Bill Stroppe's grandson back in college. We'd smoke Chesterfield Kings and American Spirit Regulars on the curb outside the building when we were exhausted and sweaty from him being Bill Stevenson and us being E. Bloom, Richard Hell, Joe Strummer and John Doe. And well, it made us think about ol' Stroppe. We found this great bit on what's basically the father of the modern Trophy Truck: the Stroppe/Parnelli Jones Ford Bronco oft-referred-to as "Big Oly," undoubtedly one of the proto-punkest vehicles ever.


Stroppe Racing Broncos: The Birth of "Big Oly" [Baja Bronco]

The Parnelli Jones Saleen Mustang: Yeah, We've Got an East Bay Punk Ref for This One, Too [Internal]

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