I don't really understand why a company like MAN would invest in a sexy, dramatic promotional video... You'd think commercial customers would shop purely on economics right? Well I'm glad they did anyway, 'cause I'm gonna set this as my new wake-up alarm.

The MAN TGX D38 is showing off here as a semi-truck and what looks like a Sever-Duty dump truck. It's powered by a D3876 15.2-liter six-cylinder engine that comes in three output variations; 1,843 lb-ft/520 hp, 1,991 lb-ft/560 hp, and an absurdly monstrous top-ender with 2,200 lb-ft of torque 640 hp.

That massive motor drops 350 pounds from the V8 it replaces, and puts power to the wheels via MAN's TipMatic 2 transmission. The 12-speed gearbox is designed to maximize coasting and keep revs low to save fuel.

Video: MAN Trucks & Buses