I hope this new personal transport invades every city in the world

Not only the Toyota FV2—for Fun Vehicle 2—looks like a conveyance from the movie Tron Legacy, but it can be part of that fantasy world too: You control this car/skateboard/motorcycle hybrid using your entire body. Plus, the vehicle changes its color at will. We'll see it in action in the Tokyo Motor Show.

You Drive This Crazy Toyota Concept Vehicle With Your Whole Body

I love the Tokyo Motor Show because it's where the Japanese manufacturers, with the odd exception of Mitsubishi this year, bring out all their zaniest ideas. This concept vehicle from Toyota, dubbed the FV2, does not disappoint in the zaniness department.

FV2 stands for "Fun Vehicle 2," and it's kind of a cross between a Segway, a skateboard, a car, and a motorcycle. You don't control it with a steering wheel or handlebars — you drive it with your body, forcing the vehicle to move forward, back, left and right by shifting your weight in those directions. Neat!

I'm kinda surprised the people in those CGI renders aren't wearing helmets. I think I would.


The FV2 is also a connected vehicle that interacts with other vehicles in the area and traffic infrastructure, providing its driver (rider? pilot?) with all sorts of useful data, including info about traffic jams and blind spots.

The FV2 also knows how you're feeling and helps suggest places to go based on that. Here's what Toyota says:

The vehicle uses voice and image recognition to determine the driver’s mood, accumulated driving history to suggest destinations, and driving skill information to assist the user. In addition to an augmented reality (AR) display on the windshield, the body color and exterior display can be changed at will, creating a more intimate relationship between vehicle and driver.


To give you an even better idea of what FV2 travel would be like, check out the iOS app that lets you experience the vehicle on your mobile device and even race other users in an FV2 championship.

No word yet on how functional the real FV2 will be when it's unveiled this week, but it's certainly an interesting idea. I can't wait to see more.