The Crazy New Way You Can Catch Some Shut-Eye At The Abu Dhabi Airport

I hate just about every aspect of air travel. Long lines, invasive security, bad food, cramped seats, and the general awfulness of other passengers can all make for a miserable and exhausting experience. Fortunately, if you get too tired, the Abu Dhabi International Airport has you covered in an interesting way.

Literally covered, actually. This week they announced that they are the world's first airport to carry "GoSleep" pods, which are Finnish-made chairs that convert into enclosed beds so you can take a nap at your leisure. 10 have been installed already and 35 more will be added this year.


For a mere 45 AED per hour — about $12.25 — you can catch some shut-eye in a pod that also has Internet access and storage for your luggage. They say it's completely isolated from outside noise.

As CNBC notes, several airports already offer micro-hotels with accommodations you have to crawl into, and many cities including New York and Tokyo have pod hotels for travelers who don't require a ton of room. This seems to be the natural evolution of those two things.

Who wants to give airport sleeping pods a try?

Photo credit Abu Dhabi Airports Company

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