Look at this Daihatsu Charade and tell me what makes it so special. Damn right it's the porthole!

The first generation Charade wasn't a particularly exciting prospect until the two-door 'Runabout' came out in 1978. While it still had a 993 cc 3-cylinder engine producing 50 horsepower, it also came with two little round "opera windows" in the C-pillars. That impressed the domestic buyers so much that the Charade became Japanese Car of the Year in '79.


The downgraded 843 cc G20 Charade was also a hit in Latin America, where people had to make due with 41 horses. Still, at least the portholes remained standard.

Today, it's hard to find this classic Daihatsu on the streets since most of them rusted away quietly. There are fewer cars with portholes around, so which one is the best? Show us below!

Photo credit: Hugo90 and order_242

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