2014 Corvette Convertible: This Is Some Of It

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After a possible false alarm, here's the real convertible edition of the 2014 Corvette Stingray.


Since there is a sheet over the top of the car, there are a few things we can't see:

  • The tonneau cover. This is the big styling point of modern two-seat convertibles, so it's a make-or-break design element.
  • The presence (or absence) of quarter panel vents.
  • The shape of the roof.
  • The color of the fabric.
  • The bald spot of the driver.

We expect to see all of these elements at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, hopefully with a very tan Dan Akerson behind the wheel ooh la la.

(Hat tip to Lightning Zone!)

Photo Credit: Chevrolet Europe

UPDATE: Wenn du Morgen um 8 Uhr am Zirkus Krone in Munich bist, ist es moeglich dass du ein bisschen mehr von diesem Corvette sehen koenntest! (Chevy Europe implied that the car will be at Munich's "Zirkus Krone" tomorrow at 8 AM, so if you're there you might see some more of it. Bring deine Kamera mit!)


For Sweden

The Corvette Convertible will be revealed in the future. The time stamp on this post is "In the future." Very clever Raphael.