Ahoy there, motorist! You know you're not supposed to be texting when you're driving, right? Pretty soon, the cops may know better than ever when you're doing it.

The Virginian-Pilot newspaper reports that a local company (of course it's Virginia) is developing a radar gun-like device that can pick up on the frequencies emitted when you use your cell phone. It's based on the technology cable repair people use to find signals leaking out of a faulty cable.


An official from the company ComSonics said the device is close to production, though it would need legislative approval and adoption by law enforcement officers.

But why wouldn't they want to adopt it? According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, hand-held cell phone use is banned in 14 states, and 44 states ban texting while driving. You know they're gonna want this soon so they can crack down and collect that ticket revenue. I mean, keep our roads safer.

Hat tip to Richard!

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