What is it with police cars, as of late? The Brits just got an Ariel Atom, the Italians have a Huracan, Dubai has a Veyron, and now Madrid just got two sweet Renault Mégane RS hatchbacks. Getting arrested has never been so good.


Sure, the Mégane RS is no supercar like the Veyron, but it's still a pretty sweet little hot hatch with 265 hp from a 2.0-liter turbo four and a proper 6-speed manual gearbox. According to peridismo del motor the two hatches will be used mainly for escorting official vehicles, so if you're a Spanish criminal, you unfortunately won't be transported to jail in one of those sweet Recaro bucket seats.

Interestingly, the front doors of the two Méganes are armored, as is the case with all of the new police vehicles of Madrid, and are made of Kevlar to save weight, presumably. Hey, Ferrari used Kevlar on the F40, so these are essentially the same thing as F40 police cars.

America is now way behind on this whole trend of cool cop cars, which I think should be remedied with Corvette Z06s and Fiesta STs to show wrongdoers who's boss.

Photo Credit: peridismo del motor

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