The Coolest Photo Of Grounded F-16s Ever Taken

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These F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft are demonstrating what the U.S. Air Force "propaganda artists" (Hat tip to Jalopnik photographer and former U.S. Air Force "propaganda artist" "Special K" for the term!) call an "Elephant Walk" as they taxi down a runway during an exercise at Kunsan Air Base, in the Republic of Korea on March 2, 2012.

The exercise is designed to showcase Kunsan AB aircrews' capability to quickly and safely prepare an aircraft for a wartime mission.

Cool, but it's funny, because when I hear the term "Elephant Walk" —all I can think about is this. Not that I've ever participated. I just know some "friends" who have.


Photo credit: Senior Airman Brittany Y. Auld / U.S. Air Force

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I still think of the F16 as the most beautiful fighter plane in existence. I have thought so since seeing one as at an airshow in the Netherlands when I was 6 or so.