The Consul Dissipates In Phuket, Thailand

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This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Having just read Gordon Bowker's excellent Malcolm Lowry biography, Pursued By Furies, I can't see the word "Consul" without the quasi-autobiographical character of that name in Lowry's masterpiece coming to mind. That's why I imagine this '58 Ford Consul locked in a 50-year downward spiral of ethanol abuse, swilling whatever the Thai equivalent of mescal might be. We also get some bonus cars: an Alfa Giulia Spider and some sort of ancient Mazda wagon. Make the jump to see and read more, and thanks to Arco for sending in these shots!

Hi Murilee, Driving around in Phuket, Thailand, my second home, I come across all sorts of weird and wonderful cars, maybe you are interested in the enclosed expamples :) Pristine 1958 GB Ford Consul Rough 1974 Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1600 (powered by 1800cc Toyota engine) Hard working 1970's Mazda Station Wagon with Zoom Zoom Sticker, but with great difficulty in zooming to anywhere 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider and other classics in Underground Garage. Hope you can use them, regards, Arco


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Rob Emslie

@FuzzyPlushroom: There once was a man named Khyber

Who was sorely afflicted with gas

He ate a laxative herb

And now you should see the Khyber pass