Here's a new driver who probably oughtn't'a be allowed behind the wheel: this 16-year-old Oregon kid rolled his big ol' truck after using it to ram a motorcyclist who had bothered him. [The Oregonian]

A traffic dispute between a couple of Johannesburg truck drivers led to one of them getting panga-ized (a panga is a South African machete variant). []


Talk about conflict escalation! Weapons selection in this Montana road rage incident started with shovels, but then upgraded to a pickax and .357 Magnum revolver. Law enforcement personnel took a disapproving stance. [Helena Independent Record]

Once more we see that only an asshole dies over a car (to quote the immortal Bud), so stay calm. Calm, dammit!

Road Rage Roundup: Explorer-Blastin' Jettas, Long Island Pepper Spray [internal]

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