I frequently espouse the virtues of the Mazda Miata. From track days to grocery runs to snow driving to commuting and more, it can do it all. Well, it's time to add kidnapping to the list of things it can do well.

Yesterday, police rescued three women that were trapped in a home for at least 10 years by three alleged kidnappers.

They were caught when a neighbor, Charles Ramsey, found one of the girls and called police. He then told them what kind of car they were driving at 2:10 in the video above: A blue Mazda Miata. That's right folks, the car we say is the answer to every question is now the answer to yet another question: What car is the best for a kidnapper?


Full disclosure: I drive a blue Mazda Miata. I'd like to note at this time that I have never kidnapped anyone and I don't ever plan on kidnapping anyone.

It's great to hear that the girls were found safe after 10 years held captive. It's also amazing that it took this long for them to be found.


(Thanks for the tip everyone!)