The CLA Isn't Mercedes' First Four-Cylinder Entry Model

With the CLA coming to America soon, let's look back on one of Mercedes' previous efforts to bring a found-cylinder entry model into the US market: the 190E 2.3.


When I say "let's look back," what I mean to say is, "let's be serenaded by the soothing voice of John Davis as he talks over the baby Benz."


Davis is critical of the stark interior of the 190E (I hear that), the AC controls (sure), the rear room (score a point for the CLA), the giganto steering wheel (hey, I like it), and the slab sided body (what the hell, John Davis, it looks awesome).

Much as Davis points out the shortcomings of the car that have been totally washed over by nostalgia in the past two decades, I know I'd rather have one of these than a CLA. What about you?

MotorWeek Theater is our showcase of some of our favorite classic reviews from public television's finest motoring program. How does this video only have 4,0805 views on YouTube? It's surprisingly informative!

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Is anyone else horribly confused by the lineup of Mercedes?

There is C, CL, CLK, CLS, CLA, SL, SLS, SLK, E, S...

I don't understand the difference between all of them, a lot of them seem to be identical in size and everything.

BMW and Audi at least make it simple, the Higher the number the bigger it is.