Designed by the same guy who gave us the Lotus Elite, only 209 fiberglass coupes were built by Citroën for the fancy British.

The Citroën 2CV was designed for the French peasants so that they could finally liberate their trusty old horses. But since comparing the British public to French peasants would have been a marketing disaster, Citroën decided to give the mechanicals a new fiberglass dress made by a factory in Slough, England.

The Bijou was styled by Peter Kirwan-Taylor, the same man who penned the Lotus Elite. It had a top speed of 44.7 mph and did 49.5 mpg. The only problem was that it also had a much higher price tag than a Ford Popular or an Austin Mini, cars that were both British and much more practical.

The Bijou was doomed, and production ended in 1964. The 2CV's kept going until 1990.


Source: Wikipedia, Photo credit: KlausNahr