The Chitwoods: Father, Sons and a Jet-Powered Pickup

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Our buddy Matt offers some updates and corrections on a post we did a week or so ago on legendary automotive daredevil, Joie Chitwood, who died in 1988. It seems we credited Joie senior with some deeds of his equally talented (and adrenalin-mastering) brood. For one, the record for driving on two wheels (5.6 miles in a Chevette) had been held by Joie Chitwood Jr. (not Sr.), until it was broken by brother Tim Chitwood (5.9 miles). Tim and Joie Jr. were also notable stuntmen, appearing in the classic New York film, "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three," and even playing themselves, as so many of us did in the '70s, in an episode of CHiPs. Tim also has the world's fastest street legal jet-powered pickup truck (pictured), which gains him beaucoup points in our eyes. Today, the brothers run the "Joie Chitwood Chevy Thunder Show," while Joie Chitwood III is Senior Vice-President of business affairs for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. [Thanks to Matt for the tip and picture.]


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