The Chip Foose John Deere 4020 Hot Rod Tractor Sucks Grass

When you picture a tractor you're picturing the classic John Deere 4020 in iconic green-and-yellow. To celebrate the famous piece of farm equipment John Deere commissioned Chip Foose to customize a 1970 model. According to Wojdyla, he Foosed it up.

Honestly, it looks like every other Foose design to me and the design of the rollover protection is an interesting take on a key feature of the original. Wojdyla, though, freaked out when he saw it. He's still mad. Here are various comments he made when I showed him a picture:

"What a terrible design."
"Now you can only get on from one side."
"And you have to take the exhaust pipes off to service the left side battery."
"AND there's no place for nose weights."
"A tractor is a tool, its primary purpose is to be functional."


What do you think, awesome or lame? For comparison here's a factory original 4020, which is undeniably awesome. The tractor will be on display across America and then given away.


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