The Chinese Getting Bumper Stickers, Get Ready For Best Olympics Ever

When you're rolling down the Jingtong Expressway in your Shuan Huang SCEO-cum-BMW X5 you don't want to let fellow drivers pass without getting a glimpse of your politics. Especially, if those politics are in line with the politics of the state. According to China Car Times, bumper stickers are a rare site in China but that didn't stop this Aveo driver, who supports the Olympics (duh), is anti-CNN (Jack Cafferty said they're "the same goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years") and hates the Carrefour Hypermarket chain (there are claims the company is pro-Tibet). The red-line-through-logos is a rather unsophisticated form of automotive self-expression, wait until they get Mao peeing on things. [China Car Times, Xinhua]


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