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The Chevy Beat Goes On...Into US Showrooms?

Illustration for article titled The Chevy Beat Goes On...Into US Showrooms?

Seems GM could be redoubling its efforts with small cars in the face of shifting consumer demand, and actually putting the Chevy Beat into the US market. Even though the Beat won in a popularity contest over its other two conceptual siblings, the Groove and the Trax — which we thought meant a green light for production, no formal product plan was put in place for the US. With shuttered plants and the need to reconnect with customers, we think the beat is exactly what the doctor ordered.



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Oh joy, another Daewoo produced Chevrolet. It will be fuel efficient, but not as efficient as it could be. Just look at the disappointing numbers produced by the Aveo.

According to the Bloomberg article, other vehicles seem more promising, like a small pickup (smaller then the current Colorado), and a Mini 'Slade (Escalade from Cadillac).