Do you think Mad Max: Fury Road is action-packed? The most badass and possibly insane politician on the planet, Chechnya’s president and hardcore automotive enthusiast Ramzan Kadyrov is shooting a movie that should top that. All guns involved are real, of course.

Not much is known about the film yet, but Kadyrov claims “it will feature international movie stars” and will be “directed by a well-known guy from Hollywood.” It also rumored to be titled “Whoever Doesn’t Understand Will Get It.”


Kadyrov will play the main hero, because what else? He is the guy who keeps tigers as pets after all.

Now that’s what I call a trailer!

Meanwhile, Mashable reports that a second movie is also about to hit the screens with the Chechen leader on its cover, but the 26-minute documentary titled “The Family” is more about Kadyrov’s human right violations and the civilians his men tortured or killed since his feudal reign began in 2007 after his father’s assassination.


Only one thing is for sure: his Instagram is worth following, especially if you’re interested in psychology:


Your country’s Department of Tourist has nothing on Chechnya’s.

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