The Cayman Porsche Should Have Built?

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Notwithstanding Porsche's business reasons for not making its Cayman a direct competitor to its own 911, tuning shops around the world are doing what many enthusiasts feel should have been done at the factory: Slotting larger engines into the Cayman's midship engine bay. The latest to do so is 9ff of Dortmund, Germany. Using the expertise from whence came their 911 GT3, which set a speed record back in 2005, the company has inserted a 4.1-liter version of the Porsche flat six, producing 420hp, into one of its tuner cars, dubbed CR42 (it's also preparing a less-potent, 3.8-liter version with 380 hp). According to 9ff, the CR42 can go from zero to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds, just 0.3 from that of a new 911 GT3 in stock trim. No word on price, but we'd imagine the CR42 will probably be competitive with the GT3's six-figure tag, all told. Decisions, decisions.


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