The 2015 Porsche Macan Will Have These Funky Quad Headlights

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The 2014 Porsche Macan is coming, and Porsche is doing what it always does in that the marketing people hide the car because they're just so proud of how it looks, but this new teaser photo does show us that it's got these funky quad LED headlights. So hey, headlights!


We first saw the four-piece lights previewed on the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo concept, which was sort of like a Panamera wagon and inadvertently ended up looking even better than the regular production car. So they may look a little something like that.

As Porsche gets closer to the launch of the Macan, they've also launched a new website for it that features auto-playing music that is either from a German elevator or a late 1990s video game.

To be honest, I'm more a fan of a giant single orb of a headlight, an all-seeing Eye of Sauron that lets people know that eyes are the windows to the soul and this bad boy's only got one of them, baby. But LEDs are enabling designers to experiment and try new things, and we can't all drive Tuckers.


So here's what we know about the Porsche Macan so far: it's got quad headlights, two turbo engines, and will start at $52,000. Oh, and thanks to this video Porsche posted earlier this week, it will have a steering wheel, and door handles:

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The Cayenne and Panamera already have this quad-LED light setup on their Dynamic Lighting option...

So, not a new thing.