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The Case for Ethanol, Conservatively Speaking

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Tapscott Behind the Wheel opens the discussion of Ethanol's market viability with an essay by Conservative think tank, The American Enterprise Institute. The upshot is the potential for an increased use of ethanol/methanol-burning flex-fuel cars to reduce emissions while creating wealth (they like that). The dirty secret of a potential "hydrogen economy," they say, is the need for electricity to produce hydrogen from water or hydrocarbons — which, using current methods, results in an energy deficit and the increased use of fossil fuels such as natural gas required to run the turbines. It's a good analysis, but one that masks the AEI's more oft-stated position that a return to nuclear power is the ideal way solve our energy need, as well as a stepping stone to a hydrogenated economy. What say you?


Here's Why Ethanol/Methanol Just Might Be The Answer For Energy Independence (And Why Hydrogen Most Definitely Isn't!)[Tapscott Behind the Wheel]

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