The Buzz Bin: Dodge Caliber Overhyped?

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New survey results from KBB and Harris interactive show new-car shoppers seem to think the "anything but cute" Dodge Caliber is being hyped to death (it was the fairy, wasn't it?). It's high on the new study's buzz scale, but low on the "I'm interested in buying it" scale — though strong sales belie such interpretations. On the flip side, the Mercedes GL scores high in interest, but low on buzz, despite a major ad campaign with spots currently in heavy rotation on TV. Nonetheless, the two most buzzworthy cars, according to the study, were the Saturn Sky and Toyota FJ Cruiser, two models the media's been googley-eyed over since nearly ever. Let's look at it in our own, geek-intensive terms: Google results:


Toyota FJ Cruiser: 1,810,000
Dodge Caliber: 1,430,000
Saturn Sky: 665,000
Mercedes GL: 280,000

What say you, oh wise Jalops?

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