The Bugatti Veyron That Never Was

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This unseen-till-now design proposal for the Bugatti Veyron was penned by Walter de'Silva way back in 1999. The full-scale model, complete with interior, was thankfully rejected by Ferdinand Piech in favor of the better looking but still-aesthetically-challenged production version.


de'Silva, who was head of design at Seat in '99 was approached by VW's head of design at the time, Hartmut Warkuss, to submit a proposal for the hyper car's looks. Giugiaro, which penned the Chiron, also submitted a proposal.

As you can see, de'Silva's take retains the same basic proportions as the Warkuss-penned design that eventually entered production in 2005 and the Chiron concept, indicating that mechanical hard points for the vehicle had already been established over a decade ago. This design is a confusing mix of retro Bugatti touches — round headlamps, split rear window — with the dramatically futuristic center cowl that comes to a sharp point over the windscreen. [via]



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