The Bugatti Galibier is the most powerfully executed concept car in decades and a wake-up call to luxury automakers everywhere. It also runs on Windows and apparently, even this über-luxury machine gets error messages.

Top Gear magazine spent the day drooling all over Molsheim's spectacular creation, ogling its beautiful details, marveling at the 1000 HP engine, the scary-big proportions and the over-the-top luxury the designers and engineers built in. What they didn't mention was the error message plastered on the high-definition digital gauge cluster. It is a concept, and these things happen with hacked together software, but it's still funny. At least with Windows, it'll run poorly forever, if it was running an Apple platform, you'd have to hold the steering wheel at 12 and 6 for the car to even work. (Good eye on the tip, Marian)
[Top Gear]


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