Help Us Name This Specialty Jalopnik Film Festival Cocktail

Good news, we had a little extra left in the JFF budget and we're blowing it all on an open bar. We also get a special cocktail so I had Jalopnik reader/friend/mixologist DJ Tenure Track mix up something special. All we need is a name.

Here's the drink, which you'll be able to enjoy if you're coming to our party Wednesday and, of course, which you can enjoy anywhere there's liquor and someone willing to pour it for you:

1 oz dark rum, 1 oz whiskey, 1 oz Pimm’s, 2 drops Bitters, 1 bar spoon Apple Cider served over ice or stirred, not shake


The caterer describes it as "aggressive."

The best name will live forever. My vote is a "Lap Around Manhattan" although everyone groaned when I mentioned it.

Photo: Getty Images

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