'The Brakes Breaked'

GIF via Aldo Volpi

Yes, Romain Grosjean. This is what it looks like when brakes break.

Grosjean’s Haas Formula One car lost its brakes during today’s Malaysian Grand Prix. When he explained what happened, he had the most beautifully simple explanation ever: “the brakes breaked.”

Technically, he means “broken.” The brakes are broken. Is that as fun to say, though? Nah.

Anyone who goes through a butt-clinching moment like losing the brakes on a brutally fast Formula One car can take as many liberties as they want to with the English language.

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Davos Swinney

Honestly, at some point Haas has a real safety issue with their brake problems. They’re lucky there was a gravel trap there and not an ARMCO barrier.