The Brady Bunch Housekeeper Was Really Hot For The Ford Fairlane

The world is mourning Ann B. Davis, the beloved actress who played Alice the housekeeper on "The Brady Bunch." But before Davis fake-cleaned up after a blended family, she filmed an ad for Ford describing the…intimacies of a Fairlane coupe.


"Where else could I get that Fairlane feeling?" Davis asks with half-a-wink, before going on about how the Fairlane's transmission is similar to how "a man sweeps you off your feet." And by "sweeps you off your feet" I'm pretty sure she means orgasm.


Obviously this ad is tame by today's standards, but her facial expressions (is something going on down there?) and verbal innuendo were pretty racy for the late 1960s. Even more bizarre is why she's carrying around a Ford salesman like an infant.

H/T Automotive News

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