If there was ever a vehicle to represent the stereotypes of German engineering it would be the BMW S1000RR. It's very serious, but somehow, it's still fun.

Look at its asymmetrical face – it prioritizes minute weight savings over aesthetics, and that kind tells you all you need to know about this bike. With that level of overengineering the S1000RR doesn't have much of a sense of humor, but as our friends at Regular Car Reviews found out, that doesn't mean the bike isn't a blast to ride.

It can run a standing mile in 25 seconds hitting a ridiculous 185 mph in the process, which I imagine is nothing less than pants-shittingly terrifying. The S1000RR also feels smaller than a 1000cc usually does too. Mr. Regular had so much fun riding it, he understandably didn't want to give it back to the owner at the end of the day.

Just because German engineering is precise, doesn't mean it's cold. Don't let the Jeremy Clarksons of the world tell you that.