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BMW's latest limited-edition M3 is mostly about weight savings achieved by substituting metal with carbon-fiber in several areas. Those areas include the hood and the seats. Oh, and there also a larger-displacement V8 to chaw on.


But the hood and the seats aren't the end of the weight-reductions. The muffler? Titanium. Sound-squelching foams and unguents? Well, less so. Lighter brakes and wheels? Check. Ok, that's it for the weight savings, which add up to about a hundred pounds (it's still 3483.3 lbs. curb).

Still, the chassis subframe's been stiffened, and it's been given more power — 450 hp total — from a 4.4-liter version of the M3's V8, connected to the usual Getrag seven-speed DCT (dual-clutch) box. It's also got individually adjustable coilovers to appease those tinkering track rats. And dig those crazy red accents over the Frozen Polar Silver metallic exterior.


To be clear, like most such extremely limited-edition M's like the erstwhile BMW M3 GTS (only 67 of this one will be built), the CRT's not coming to the US. If it did, you'd be paying around $150K for it. You wouldn't do that for all the carbon-fiber in the world, would you?

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