The BMW i8 Interior Stayed Pretty Close To The Concept

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It's always disappointing when concept cars get watered down as they hit production, but it's even worse with their interiors. Tons of space-age cockpits become boring and sedated when they turn into real cars. Not so with the BMW i8 hybrid sports car, apparently.

The above photo shows the interior for BMW's upcoming i8, the second car in their "i" line of high-tech efficient cars that look like extras from the set of Tron: Legacy. We have all the typical BMW trappings here, like their gear selector and iDrive controller, as well as an all-digital instrument screen and some cool looking door handles and air vents.


Overall, it doesn't feel that far off from its concept car interior, which is pictured below. The details are a lot more fleshed out, but the general shape and layout stayed pretty true to the original design. I'm hoping other versions will have the wood trim we saw on the BMW i3. I liked that a lot.

Do you think the i8's interior will be a good place to spend time?


Hat tip to Indian Autos Blog!