The Billetproof Nor-Cal Mega Gallery

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Now that we've put up a few small batches of photos of Billetproof patinas, engines, and other stuff, it's probably time to share industrial quantities of photographs from last weekend in bustling Antioch, California. Making the jump will get you three big galleries, with photos by me (the first two) and Casadelshawn (the last one). Enjoy.


Serious Mopar Jones- Incurable

@BRAWNDO_POWERED: Pretty sure this particular Jalop will never have any money, so no worries here.

I can totally see myself owning some "ratrod" that totally reeks of "patina" (and Schlitz Bull Ice malt liquor)- but it won't be on purpose.

I just don't get having the expertise/money to make your car look decent, and then you don't, and it's some kind of statement? Whatever.