Feds Publicly Execute Illegal Land Rover In Baltimore

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials crushed a Land Rover Defender on Tuesday after it had been seized at the Port of Baltimore in April.


The LR Defender goes for about $25,000 in the rest of the world but can fetch six figures here in the US, reports the The Baltimore Sun. Customs found that the vehicle had its VIN swapped, as the car does not comply with American safety or emissions standards. Only Land Rovers older than 25 years of age can be imported to the Land of the Free.

The Feds released this photo of them crushing the 4x4, perhaps just to taunt American Land Rover fans. It's like a public execution.

But hey man, I've seen The Wire. I know there are ways that this Land Rover could've been made to disappear, say, into my parking garage.

Photo Credit: James Tourtellotte/U.S. Customs and Border Protection



The best use of our tax money is obviously tracking down, seizing, and destroying perfectly safe cars that were never sold here simply because they never took a couple tests to say they're ok.