I've seen the newest BMW one-off at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este today, and as you would expect from Pininfarina, it's a great looking automobile. The rear lamps make it work.

It's massive though, and while I know what gran lusso means, I also find the 7-Series ridiculously large even if it was made for the most privileged human beings. So, what is the Gran Lusso Coupé then? Theoretically, it feels like a Rolls-Royce for the people who don't want to be Rolls-Royce owners. It's one step up in luxury, a two-door business class without a strict dress code.


Pininfarina gets extra points for how the rear lamps float through the body panels. And since I didn't manage to take shots of the interior: it is full of wood and vintage-looking leather. A nice place to spend some quality time in.

It also has a V12.