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Father's Day is upon us, and as such it is a Day to celebrate the Fathers. Your father has been there your whole life, changing your diapers, showing you how to throw a baseball, and giving you all hell when you totaled your first car. Isn't it time he gets a sports car of his own?


Your dad isn't as young and spry as he used to be, but as he grew up in the era of Woodstock you try telling him that. He'll probably want something relatively comfortable, something with head-turning looks that the Camry he drove when you were growing up didn't have, and a powerful engine. Oh, and only two seats. No little kids getting into this new baby.

I called my dad up and asked him what sports car he would want if offered. He wants a Morgan. So, for the official answer at least, a Morgan it is.


What do you think though would make the best sports car for your dad? Show us below in the comments!

Photo credit: Ed Callow

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