The Best Sexy Girl Ride Along Video You'll Ever See

I decided when I took over Jalopnik that we wouldn't run those tacky sexy-girl-in-a-fast-car videos. It's a cliché and, if you have a tuned Lambo or whatever, we already assume you know strippers so it's not particularly newsworthy. This bit of hotness changed my mind.


I don't know if Vengeance Racing is as put off by 'Cam Girls in Corvettes' as I am, but their approach is fairly spot-on and it earns some attention from us. This is allegedly the first 1,000 RWHP C7 Corvette, which is also worthy of attention.

Stick around for the ending, which may or may not be real, but is nevertheless hilarious.


Matt Hardigree

Also, and I hate to be this guy, but I'm pretty sure those girls breasts aren't real...