I need one of these cars. I really, really do. I think I even said that mid-ride along. Anyway, here is me doing lots of giggling in a Global RallyCross Fiesta.

There was one more part of the media preview day that I went to: a ride-along with Joni Wiman in a GRC car. Even though we didn't get to go out on the course itself (bummer), we went around the unused part of the Circuit of the Americas and it was still hilarious.

First gear on these cars is absurdly short, the acceleration is face-rippingly quick and Wiman was able to make it go sideways with minimal effort.


I want one. No, wait. I need one. Needs, man. I have needs. I need to giggle more, and I also need to jump something after watching other people jump their cars all weekend. One of these cars would solve both of those problems.

I also have a bit of trouble staying in my own seat and keeping the loaner helmet from falling down in my face, but who cares? GRC cars are hilarious.