The Best Of The Rest With Some Crazy Stuff From The Paris Motor Show

Since I couldn't get to all the cars at the Paris Motor Show, here's Evo's Henry Catchpole filling you in on the rest. Like this Stormtrooper on wheels.


What's it like to drive Toyota's own three-wheeler? What's the best feature of the new Skoda Fabia? Is Peugeot really going to enter the Paris Dakar with a twin-turbo diesel Hot Wheels car? Would we still give our left hands for a Fiat 500 Biposto? (Yes!). Should Citroën design trainers instead? What's it like to talk to an iPad on wheels?

All that, plus more from Paris from the tallest guy in the business:

So, the answers, in chronological order: Weird, a piece of hard plastic, yes, yes, no, so 2013.

I just want this, still.

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