The Best Hearses For People Who Love Cars

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Chances are that, for most of us, if there's any identifiable bits of us left after that final racecar/hovercraft/threshing machine accident, our last trip on Earth will be in a hearse of some sort. But why get stuck in some boring old black wagon with landau bars? We should pick what we want now. So let's do it!

So, I want you to show us what you think the best hearse would be. You can use existing examples, or even Photoshop/hand-cut-and-tape/draw one of your own.

I am going to add one caveat here, though: no one can use the lovely Jag E-Type hearse from Harold and Maude. It's just too easy and expected. So let's try and find some other good ones. Like former head of VW Heinz Nordhoff's Type II convertible pickup funeral car there.


That's a classy way to go.

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Just make sure it's not this thing: