The Best Excuse Ever For Working At Discount Tire

A lot happens behind the walls of smoke that define drifting. Now that it has spread past some Japanese mountains and money is firmly entrenched in the game, what keeps drifters going?


The video was shot by Zak Kerbelis of 1Kind studio and it gives a sense of the kind of dedication involved in pro drifting. There's the "keep drifting fun"/Bloodmasters thing, but then there's the scrounging all your paycheck, cover the car in sponsorship stickers Formula D.

One interview about Matt Powers, who still has an S-chassis Nissan and not some Mustang, Camaro, or Solstice, highlights how focused these guys are.

He had a job at — he needed tires — right? So he went and got a job at Discount Tires [sic]. I don't know if he was talking to you guys about that. So, he went out and got a job at Discount Tires [sic], and I look at him like "Why are you working're a college grad!" and he said "I need tires."

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GuacamoleFire - JRCC

I once worked for a bank. I needed money!