Show Us The Best Camera Cars Out There

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Shooting action packed driving scenes requires a fast ride for the camera crew as well as the hero. But sheer speed is not always enough for the perfect shot. A smooth ride on uneven surfaces is also pretty high on the priority list. For that reason, BBC's Top Gear is using a Range Rover. Jeremy Clarkson had this to say about filming the races:

"A lot of people ask how we film these races, and whether they’re fixed. Well, let me say here and now, in print, they’re not. I follow a Range Rover tracking car, and we really don’t pull over for anything except fuel. In the drive to Oslo, the camera man spent 24 hours in the boot and had to relieve himself in a bottle because there was no time to stop."


Well done to that cameraman, but which camera car would you pee in a bottle for?

Photo credit: Filmo-USA

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Vie Ventar

The best Camera Cars all have a pair of upward pointing chevrons on the front.
From the DS, though the CX right up to the Xantia.