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According to my research, Jalopnik has never done a post about automotive spoonerisms, which obviously needed to be rectified, so here we are.


I came up with a few myself, and enlisted noted wordsmith Jason Torchinsky to come up with some ourselves:

-Reep Jenegade

-Word Findstar

-Sia Koul

-Tord Faurus

-Lubaru Segacy

-Rime Lock

-Rocono Paceway

-Tordan Jaylor

-Hatt Mardigree

-Katt Menseth

-Pire Tressure

-Prake Bad

Endless possibilities! I find that the best spoonerisms are two words, without consonants as the first letters, though I'm open to creative interpretation. Alright commenters, fire up your spoonerism creating engines and get to work!


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