The Best Anniversary Car Specials

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2013 is an important year in the calendar of quite a few carmakers. That's why Lamborghini started celebrating it's fiftieth birthday by turning carbon fiber into purified lunacy with the Veneno. They're not the only ones.


On the other side of the water, Aston Martin put the V12 in the front and got rid of the roof with the fantastic CC100 Speedster, a monument to 100 year's worth of speed. Meanwhile, Porsche just launched a special edition for the 911's 50th anniversary that's so tasteful I would love to have it as a daily driver.


Anniversary specials can be fantastic, be them one-offs or limited edition production cars. But which one would you take home?

Photo credit: Máté Petrány

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i see an update to the 1966 batmobile.