Whatever skepticism we may have about the Tesla Model X, no one here believes the goals of environmental improvement and driving fun are necessarily contradictory. This ad for Mazda's new SKYACTIV-G technology basically sums that up better than anything I've seen.

Seriously. This may crack into the top ten car advertisements I've ever seen. It's got a lo-fi feel with a mix of some modern shots tossed in to a vintage b-roll salad. And Bo Diddley. Check Bo out, man. I dig it.

Who cares that this ad features clips of people driving Chevys and video of the 787 that, for all we know, was pulled from Forza 4? It translates exactly what I want to feel about environmental technology.

Also, it's probably all that Mazda could afford given their $1.3 billion loss for the fiscal year. That's maybe why I didn't see this ad on television, but on Hulu, between episodes of a show I'm not going to admit that I watch.