The Ballad of Babe The Blue Ox

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On the way back from Laguna Seca on Saturday, we noticed this old car carrier abandoned in a dusty turnout. And Pen, like us, being a lover of all things old, cool and most likely better off left alone, immediately took a shine to it. After Sunday's races, on our way to the Baja Cantina, we pulled over for a closer look at the beast. Although obviously a Ford, the front emblem had been replaced with a stylized, ox-horn-shaped logo that read "Babe," with "The Blue Ox" rendered on the side of the cab. Paul Bunyan was nowhere to be seen, having apparently left his poor, broken-down longtime sidekick on the side of the road, where it was, according to the ticket, overdue to be towed away. Please don't let this be the end of Babe, people. Don't send the ol' ox off to the rendering plant!


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Can you imagine how many old race cars that hauler has probably carried over the years? Pretty cool old truck